The Patrick County Historical Museum features innumerable items from the past, such as Native American artifacts, farming tools, weapons, fairy stones, military displays, clothing and textiles, photos, and much more. The museum also houses extensive genealogical records for people researching families with Patrick County Roots.

    The museum has a display of items from the American Civil war, World War I and World War II, as well as other wars. Artifacts from two bombers that crashed in Patrick County are also displayed.
    Anyone looking for information on family history can find publications such as indexes to marriage, death, census, birth, and court records. There are family files by local genealogists.
    A complete, century-old whiskey still that was operated by a local “moonshiner” is one of the most prominent displays in the museum.
    Also on display is a carriage owned by the Penn family, one of two county families that established tobacco empires.