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  1. Rebecca Johnson McCoy says:

    I have been attempting to complete a genealogical search on my maternal grandmother’s immediate family and her ancestry. The family name is Dalton and there is (or, at least, was) a cemetery named for the family. My great-great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Dalton, served with the 23rd Virginia Infantry, under General George Pickett (Army of Northern Virginia.) He, I think, was injured at the Battle of Five Forks, but I have no idea as to the particulars. He was the first to be buried in the Dalton cemetery, but I have been told that the site is inaccessible now. My great grandfather was John Mathis Dalton who died in 1961 (?) and my grandmother was Lera Etta Dalton. I have been able to trace the family back to England, in the 17th century, and potentially their settlement on the Virginia in the early 18th century, but I have no one who has any photos of the family. While accessing information on Ancestry.com, I attempted to reach others who were, I think, related, but with no results. Any assistance would be appreciated. I believe that I should visit Stuart, and probably will, within the near future, but have no idea where to look. I can secure the location of their farm, which I believe was near the Mayo River. Thanks so much for any assistance you can provide. Rebecca Johnson McCoy rebeccamccoy1948@gmail.com

    1. Dear Ms. McCoy,
      Your request has been forwarded to Greg at pcvahistory@gmail.com. While we are in the process of updating this website, he is handling requests at this alternate email address.
      Good luck with your search.
      Web Admin

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